E&A champs Results

21 02 2012

As some of you may know I fell sick with a mean Peri Tonsillitis and wound up in hospital the week before the European & African champs which put a pretty big dent in my plans for the competition. The event went pretty well otherwise with me fighting back out    of LCQ’s  (last chance qualifiers) and making my way to semi finals leaving me top 8 out of 17 riders. This is where I’d stay as I fell on a KGB which cost me. All in all South Africa killed it with Dylan Mitchell placing 2nd in junior men ,Shaun Faccio placing 3rd in open men and little Conor Drew placing 1st in the Trolls division alongside two other South Africans. This put us overall as a team in 2nd place really pumped good riding to everybody!!!


E&A champs

10 02 2012

The teams are all stamping there passports and entering South Africa and shredding on the vaal river. As with me I have just come out of hospital after becoming Ill from some gnarley Tonsillitis but I am heading down the the river tomorrow where the Namibian team will be joining me. lets have a good comp everybody!!


5 02 2012

well this weekend was a fun one with the PWT 1 that took place.On Friday morning I went out to Shaun Faccios to catch a last minute ride before the weekends competition kicked off! but this led to me walking away with a fat concussion after rushing on a late roll to blind TO BACK EDGE.Saturday the competition kicked off with pro men qualifiers where I did not perform to well and found myself not qualifying for the finals.All is good I will learn from my mistakes, now next stop is the European championships should be a goodie.