Scuba Diving !!

25 04 2012

Yes this is a wakeboard blog but I guess it entails my life and taking a break from riding.So this weekend is the last bit i have off before school kicks off and some Scuba diving is in order.I have just done my basic PADI course but never have entered the ocean, pretty pumped as iv heard its a totally different story to fresh brown murky waters and is a crazy experience.We as in my brother and I are diving on the South coast at a place called (Aliwal shoal)its a four star diving resort so should be fun.

will post pics next week(” mmm need a go pro”)


Cable nationals

22 04 2012

well this comp was a really good end to the season with the guys/girls getting together and not only riding but chilling it up in the awesome springs of the Forever Resorts.The weekend was really good  the weather held out well this year considering last year it was cold and wet and the competition kicked off.I was competing in the jnr men devision and was really surprised with how much Cameron Graham had improved big ups bro!!the kid lit a fire under my ass and I must say made me worry.Overall had a good ride in both qualifiers and finals and kept the top spot claiming the championship by only a few as Cameron was right behind me at 2nd.I want to give a big thanks to Kyle Holtzhauzen who not only is mister Liquid force but the CASA chairmen and my official board sponsor, the event was truly awesome.


20 03 2012

Capetown was an awesome event and was my highlight to a bad season.The weather held out pretty good and so pro men qualifications took place I placed last but later made a comeback in finals placing me in the hot seat for quiet a wile  overall Finished up in 2nd and was awarded most improved jnr riders trophy.So stoked thanks to everyone who made the event so sick. yeeeeeep!!


17 03 2012

Nationals is taking place this weekend will be up and riding at 10:30 and have decided to compete in the pro men’s division should be good fun.The weather is holding out today.Also so kindly we got given a pretty awesome place to stay for the weekend out at camps bay,will upload a photo soon!See you guys on the water.

what’s happening

7 03 2012

Well it has truly been a horrible season so far for me with numerous visits to the hospital.The good news is that my tonsils have finally been removed and will no longer bother me.It has been a week since my surgery and the first cable competition will be taking place this weekend despite the doctors demands I am going to be competing so should be good!

E&A champs Results

21 02 2012

As some of you may know I fell sick with a mean Peri Tonsillitis and wound up in hospital the week before the European & African champs which put a pretty big dent in my plans for the competition. The event went pretty well otherwise with me fighting back out    of LCQ’s  (last chance qualifiers) and making my way to semi finals leaving me top 8 out of 17 riders. This is where I’d stay as I fell on a KGB which cost me. All in all South Africa killed it with Dylan Mitchell placing 2nd in junior men ,Shaun Faccio placing 3rd in open men and little Conor Drew placing 1st in the Trolls division alongside two other South Africans. This put us overall as a team in 2nd place really pumped good riding to everybody!!!

E&A champs

10 02 2012

The teams are all stamping there passports and entering South Africa and shredding on the vaal river. As with me I have just come out of hospital after becoming Ill from some gnarley Tonsillitis but I am heading down the the river tomorrow where the Namibian team will be joining me. lets have a good comp everybody!!