O town 2

20 08 2012

well Orlando is awesome as many know, truly a wakeboarders paradise allowing one to progress so much faster and so forth.I have been riding a lot mainly working on getting the old tricks back and consistent and so far so good.Unfortunately been having a lot of boat trouble and have not been riding as much as id have liked too but through that my cable riding has improved in terms of rails and switch riding which will really benefit me on the boat side of things.tomorrow i am staying over at Josh Palma for a good bit so i am really looking forward to that and am sure i will learn loads so should be super fun.Along many of you are thinking my blog is rather bland, well that will be changing soon as i am doing loads of videoing and should have some pics and videos up soon.

catch you guys on the water. ;p


O Town

12 08 2012

Been riding loads and having ¬†an awesome time over at the Holihan residence. Yesterday went over and road behind the all new Nautique G23. It was honestly the biggest wake o have ecer riden and ontop of that a wale with loads of pop . Kinds like junping trampoline, it was loads of fun.Otherwise thats about it for the news this side.Alot of riding and fun and will add a new post soon!! Later ….


9 08 2012

well after 20 hours of traveling despite the physical fatigue and jet lag,I went for a ride with Robby Holihan, Mike Dowdy and Kennan Allen.Lets just say these kids are mad … nailing hammers like moby dick 7’s , crow 5’s , and nines in every possible stance. All in all, it was so good to be back on the water even though i was rusty I did however get some old stuff back so yeah….. just a quick little post Image